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Textured Epoxy Flooring

Textured Epoxy Flooring Adelaide

Textured Epoxy Flooring Finish

In many instances such as entry areas, work shops, garages, kitchens, laundries, toilet areas or undercover areas a balance needs to be found between easy to clean and meeting anti-slip floor safety requirements.

Textured epoxy coatings fullfill that need as they have an increased slip resistance to a smooth finish but allow easy cleaning as they are aggregate free, which makes them a very hygienic flooring option.

Textured epoxy floors are applied with a recommended minimum thickness and treated with a special roller to achieve a textured surface. The thicker the coating is applied, the more texture can be created. Because textured floor coatings require to be applied at a minimum thickness, they are a more durable epoxy flooring system compared to basic role coats. If the floor is are exposed to sunlight, we will further apply a UV stable clear seal coat, which adds additional durability and flooring life to the system and stopped the epoxy from chalking.

Swan Coatings uses only market leading textured epoxy coatings, which come in a set colour range. Contact us today if you think a textured floor is the right choice for your premisses.