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High Built Epoxy Flooring

This type of epoxy flooring is fantastic if you like to make an architectural statement in a retail area or a modern living space. The floor is very smooth, reflective and seamless yet surprisingly grippy and warm under bare foot or with shoes.
Traditionally, high built epoxy flooring was and still is getting installed in warehouses, laboratories, factories, here in South Australia and all around the world. Its extremely durable, hard wearing and hygienic. It has the great advantage that it can be quickly and cost efficiently be rejuvenated as part of an agreed maintenance program.

High build epoxies are between 1 and 5 mm thick and applied with a self-levelling process. We offer them in a set colour range or with a multicoloured finished achieved by special aggregates. We adjust the thickness depending on your requirement from foot traffic all the way to heavy industrial traffic. Self levelling epoxy flooring can only be applied on level floors, they are not recommended on areas with falls.

High built epoxies are the most seamless floor there is and already very durable due to their material thickness. If the floor is exposed to sunlight, we further protect it from chalking with an additional layer of UV stable seal coats, which make this floor coating system even more lasting and can add non-slip as required.

Contact us today if you want to make your floor the highlight of your premisses with a stunning new clean seamless floor.