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Concrete Crack Repair

Most existing concretes can be resurfaced with epoxy floor coatings if they received the correct floor preparation. Substrate preparation is more than just grinding of the existing floor cover. Swan Coatings ensures a high standard of finish by also treating existing cracks and chips.

Professional Crack Repair Process

Professional Crack Repair Process

In the absence of an Australian Standard, Swan Coatings follows The German Standards recommendation that any concrete crack wider than 0.2mm shall be repaired prior to coating works. During the site inspection, we will measure and map all existing cracks and decide which need to be treated.

Depending on the severeness of the crack and whether it is a structural or non-structural crack, we will open and clean them and treat them with a special epoxy repair mortar prior to applying any epoxy flooring system.

By treating the crack and chips correctly prior to applying the resurfacing system, Swan Coatings ensures that the cracks do not reappear through the coating system and your floors are truly seamless.

Review our gallery case studies how we turned severely cracked concrete floors into beautiful seamless floors or contact us today to book an appointment.