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Flake Floors

Flake Floor - Small Flake

Flake Floor – Small Flake

Flake Floor - Large Flake

Flake Floor – Large Flake

Flake floors are a desired alternative to terrazzo as well as a modern solution for concrete resurfacing applications. They are created through thin layers of epoxy and UV-stable polyurethane and UV stable silicon flakes. This unique system achieves a durable, easy to maintain, seamless floor finish on top of your existing concrete. A flake floor does not compromise your existing or future floor levels. We offer flake floors in an almost endless colour and size variety with various levels of slip-resistance for use in wet areas or outdoors.

You can not only choose the base coating colour but also the colour arrangement of the flakes and their size to give you a huge range to choose from ensuring it suits any type of application. To make your selection easier, we will bring a large bag of samples with us when we inspect your existing floor.

Thanks to it’s versatility, we can replicate the traditional terrazzo look or create a very modern flooring system for any space. Flake floors work well in public or non-public toilet and wet areas, provide a stunning new floor to a shop, restaurant, salon or office area or create a new beautiful living and entertainment space in your home. We can create new spaces inside and outside and even go up the wall if desired. Swan Coatings also uses a unique precast coving system, which allows a seamless integration of the skirting and add to the seamless look and maintenance friendliness.

We can apply flake flooring in solvent based and water based systems making it a save choice for hospitals, childcare centres, aged care. We can create a finish as smooth or rough as you desire. If you require additional anti-slip, we can add an invisible aggregate into the seal coats.

Contact us today if you want to improve the look of your floor with a flake flooring.