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Concrete Grinding Services

It is true that almost any surface can be treated with epoxies, polyurethanes or polyuria coating systems these days. The most important aspect of a successful application is the right assessment and treatment of the substrate. It is vital that an expert such as Swan Coatings is consulted to ensure the correct substrate preparation to provide you with the correct base for your coating.

Swan Coatings ensures your floors are prepared correctly by using high quality grinding equipment to prepare your concrete for its resurfacing treatment with industrial vacuums and dust-extractors attached as well as edge protectors to minimise the dust creation and protect existing skirting boards. It also means, we can work during normal operational hours with minimal impact on your business or family.

Adelaide- professional grinding works

Grinding Preparation

The grinding preparation will remove most of the existing contamination including old paints, spills, glues, etc. and opens the pores of the concrete allowing a good bond of the seamless coating system to the substrate.

If your floors are heavily contaminated, we might have to chemically treat them as part of our professional preparation prior to grinding. Should the concrete have cracks or chips, we will profesionally repair them in accordance with the German guidelines for floor coatings during the grinding preparation works.

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