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Coving Installation

Precast Coving with Flake Floor Installation

Precast Coving with Flake Floor Installation

Covings at the wall/ floor junction are fantastic to finish of the epoxy flooring system as they ensure a neat and food standard compliant finish of the floor/ wall junction. They also eliminate the need for skirting boards and perimeter joints. Hand made covings can however be time consuming, labour intensive and inconsistent.

Swan Coatings therefore uses an innovative system of precast cove base mouldings to eliminate the joint at wall/floor intersections and provide a seamless coating application onto the walls. Eliminating drying time compared to handmade covings, we get your business back into operation sooner. We can replace your existing non-compliant covings or install them as part of a new epoxy or polyurethane cement flooring system.

By using a lightweight flexible polymer composite precast coving, we are able to quickly and consistently achieve the perfect shape and height around the perimeter of a room to meet health department requirements. Once installed, we can apply any epoxy flooring finish you choose and it becomes a uniform, smooth, seamless and integral floor-to-wall junction creating one of the most sanitary and easily maintained floors available.

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