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Restored blue Warehouse Floor

Restored blue Warehouse Floor

Epoxy floors have been designed for chemical spills many decades ago but with modern equipment moving in, they have also become a durable finish to protect the concrete from wear and tear.

An exposed concrete floor wears down under fork lift traffic and become noisy and unpleasant. The installation of an epoxy floor can make a hugh difference to a warehouse. It will not only ensure the integrity of the concrete substrate but also offer a brighter, cleaner and quieter work environment, meaning happier and more productive employees.

Swan Coatings is happy to work directly with you and help you decide, what the best treatment for your premisses would be. Every business is different and every warehouse floor and its occupants are different. We have a wide range of epoxy flooring finishes to choose from. In older properties, the key to a successful coating installation lays in the repair of the existing damage first.

Contact us today for an obligation free inspection and we will discuss your warehouse flooring needs.