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Slip resistant naked floor

Slip Resistant Naked Floor

Restored Polished Concrete Floor

Restored Polished Concrete Floor

Modern epoxy floors and Naked Floors have become the ‘Must Have’ for up and coming bars and restaurant or those undergoing a make overs. Architects and Interior designers love the endless variety seamless floors have to offer. Owner and Managers love the safe and easy to maintain floor, we can achieve for their staff and patrons.

Swan Coatings is pleased to offer you and your design team a wide range of epoxy floor finishes ranging from single colour high gloss over self levelling epoxy, textured epoxy floors, flake floors to stone and aggregate finished. If you prefer an industrial look, we are happy to apply a clear sealant with or without a stained/ dyed finish to floor concrete substrate. Should you have a particular design in mind or like pictures incorporated, we are more than happy to help you achieve it for you.

Swan Coatings will not only provide a floor coating for your premises but also help you comply with your Occupational Health and Safety Act obligations as well as AS/NZS 4586 and HB 198 by incorporating the correct anti-slip requirements for you.

To make your decision easier, we will discuss your different options and show you samples during the consultation. Contact us today if you want to make the right choice and promote your bar or restaurant above your competition.