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Production areas

Production Area Floor Completed over Weekend

production area floor before resurfacing

Partial Production Area Epoxy Resurfacing

production area after partial resurfacing

Are you sick of staff complaints about a cracking or slippery floor in your business production area? No one can effort staff falling and slipping or goods being damaged because the obligations of the current South Australian Occupational Health Safety Act have not been met. We can help you make certain your business’ production areas become a clean, durable and safe workspace for yourself and your staff and are compliant with Australian legislations.

Swan Coatings will assess your existing floor and replace or repair all or parts of the existing floor covering with an appropriate seamless floor coating. We had NATA accredited slip testing done on our different flooring systems and will ensure we apply the correct level of slip resistance for your industry complying with AS/NZS 4586 and HB 198.

We understand that floor repair works can be difficult to be scheduled into a busy production and will work with you to ensure the interruption to your business is minimised, which often means our work is completed on weekends or after hours work.

Contact us today if you want to ensure the production area of your business is a safe and productive workplace.